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John Mac
5 min readFeb 26, 2019

Are you a sensitive person? Maybe an empath as it’s been so often called the last years. Or maybe not, but you experience changes in your life, maybe even emotionally. But you don’t know why and you feel unbalanced. Well, we ARE into a great change on the planet. And a lot of the energy shifts are, in fact, being measured. Becoming aware is to know about what’s going on.

To become an “awakened” individual you need to really want to dive into some deeper knowledge on a metaphysical and spiritual level. One cannot expand and evolve by limiting one's mind to think there’s is nothing more to the immense complex and diverse matrix of the universe and its infinite levels of existence and awareness.

Let’s say that you come from a conventional, traditional background like most people. I mean, with the typical set of knowledge and programming about how society, the planet, even your very existence, works. So, for this reason, you may have a limited acceptance on the “awakening” process that is happening on this planet.

This is not a good state to becoming aware and awake.

It doesn’t matter what you think or believe. This shit is happening without your approval anyway. And if you’re one of those that need proof or actually data, you can go and find it.

I talk a lot about this in my coaching and the concept I teach on Self Mastery. Because to level up to Self Mastery, you need to understand the flow of mind and matter and how you create your life.

You can’t continue on the lower level of awareness thinking that you are not in control, that God is to be obeyed and served, and that your thoughts produce no form of energy.

That’s when you become a victim, living on hopes, default outcomes of life, and with a very limited idea of the immense power and strength, you behold as a human being.

Now, let’s take a look at three sources of data that I like to keep an eye on. I’m a spiritually connected person. Because it is natural for me. I’m a spiritual being. But I also like to stay grounded and understand the “nature” of it.

Watch the video above. You can also continue reading if you like that, and I’ll share a few tips. You’ll also find links to keep track of the three data sources I’m talking about in this video.

The weird rising of the Schumann resonance frequency

This is one of the most interesting things I keep track of at this time is the intense bursts of frequency levels with the Schumann resonance. It’s been intense just the previous two weeks as I’m writing this blog post.

The Schumann resonance was discovered the German scientist Windfred Otto Schumann in 1952. It is a very low frequency that is produced by all the lightning hitting Earths ground each second around the planet.

This energy bolt creates a bouncing an energy wave between Earths ground and the stratosphere. What they discovered is that this frequency had a stable level at 7.83Hz. That is seven points eighty-two waves per second.

Now, something has happened in the last years. For some reason, this frequency has started going up. In bursts. And at the time of writing, it’s been crazy high!

It’s been peaking up to 40Hz. And just a few days ago the monitoring show a completely white chart! I’ll copy in an image of the Schumann resonance frequency below.

Something is going on here. And when we hear and learn that the planet is “raising its vibration” we can for sure say that it seems like that.

It’s just interesting to keep track of this and compare it to emotional changes in your life, the full moon cycles, and the activity of the Sun.

The Global Consciousness Project and the state of the earth

Did you know that there have for years been a project in the U.S that actually measure the global “state of mind” on this planet? It was started at Princeton University.

Global Consciousness Project — Dot

Go watch the video below where I talk more about this. But as a quick sum-up. It’s basically a shit-load of small computer boxes called NEG’s placed around the world that produces random numbers of 0’s and 1’s.

Except, when there are bigger world events going on. And the numbers suddenly changed and are not so random anymore.

Increased activity on the Sun

Another strong source of energy! Don’t come here and tell me that we’re not surrounded by energy. The Sun is intense, and it has a 13-year cycle going on.

In fact, when the Sun has had it’s roughest outbursts of energy; Telephone lines have been fried in different areas around the planet!

Another interesting thing to know is the tiny quarks of energy that we get hit with each and every day, from the Sun. In Egypt, one of the newest methods of how they measure and discover new hidden areas in the pyramids is to use huge plates of photonic sensitive films that pick up these energy particles from the Sun. Deep INSIDE the pyramids. Which is covered with tons and tons of huge stone blocks!

Just imagine how our bodies get bombarded with this energy every day.

So, keep all these sources of information in mind when you observe changes on the planet. Changes in your life, and unexpected emotional shifts in your ever-evolving life.

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