How to get Unstuck in Life by trusting Yourself and Allow positive Change

What if you one day have to relocate to a different part of the world but feel insecure? It could be exactly what you need for you to become more of who you are. How to get unstuck in life by trusting yourself, the Universe, and allow change to happen? Well, I was, more or less, forced to move from Norway to Thailand, and now my girlfriend and I are living better than ever.

Quick tips on how to get unstuck in life by trusting yourself

First of all, you DO NEED to understand that all power over your life lies within you. That’s not just a romantic word with a hint of spirituality. It’s fact. And IF you think this is not true, well, you have given up all your personal power and allowed whatever-you-believe-in, to rule your life.

  1. DECIDE that you want to trust and find your power
  2. Consider making drastic changes to your closest friends
  3. Relocate to a new place, do start the first nudge of change
  4. Devote time to re-discover yourself (you’re awesome)
  5. Be honest about your inner truths so you don’t become an actor in your own life. You’re not fooling the others, you’re fooling yourself.

These are my five main tips to get un-stuck in life by trusting yourself. It’s for sure okay to get help and guidance. But chose someone outside of your inner circle.

Maybe you are stuck in life — like water not flowing freely?

You may think that the place you are living now is where you are suppose to be. Or maybe you’re like a Hobbit; Not really interested in moving too much farther than the border of the farm field fence.

That can, in fact, become your biggest mistake for real success in your life. Staying put in “what-I-have-always-had” is often creating the biggest blockages of energy flow in our lives.

Let me use water as an example. I encourage you to watch a documentary about water memory for free on YouTube. After viewing this video, look into the famous facts on what Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered about water, take that analogy into your own body, and apply it to your life situation.

Water is energy. And your body is made up of 70% water.

Part of the research conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto shows that water that stays still for too long becomes poisonous. His research can be applied to being, or not being in the flow state of the life force.

If you get stuck on your couch at home in your current living area, that could stop the natural flow and progress of what was supposed to become of great things in your life — a halt on the dreams that you carry, but refuse to set in motion, because you’re afraid of taking the next step.

For you to figure out how to get unstuck in life by trusting yourself and not be dependent of the “system” or any external resource, you have to DECIDE to take control. That’s all it takes, really.

This is what happened in my situation when being forced to move

You may have noticed my previous article about being forced to move to Thailand to keep our relationship. Since we’re not completely free humans on this planet, to move about as we please, we had to escape out of the Schengen zone if her and I wanted to stay together, so we did.

I believe that I may have experienced a few years of being stuck.

Because of a fucked-up childhood and being tossed and moved all over the place for too long (32 times, including living in a tent), I didn’t really fancy looking for a new place.

So, I have been stuck and living in the same apartment in Norway now for about 20 years! Part of the reason for that it was comfortable, cheap, and peaceful, which was exactly what I needed, for some time.

But, I realized that comfortability develops into passiveness and feeling stuck, which is the reason why I stopped growing, expanding, and now finally have a bigger breakthrough in my entrepreneurial journey.

In the winter for 2019, after my girl from the U.S moved to my place in Norway, we had to figure shit out after her 90 day tourist visa ran out, so we did some research on Thailand.

You can only imagine how different this would be for me.

Moving from a small, local town in a country full of trees, to the other side of the world with intense heat, palm trees, and nothing but a 3 day Airbnb to stay in when we arrived.

But that’s when the flow of energy and positive events started to flow again!

The biggest blessing — ending up in a luxury apartment in Chiang Mai

If you come to a point in life where you are actually becoming aware of your stuck-ness, it could be the time to make a drastic move.

You may not have to move to the other side of the planet, but get out from the hole you are most likely sinking deeper into so that you, intentionality, can set your life in motion again.

After we arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, things just kept falling into place.

It’s like the Universe had plans for us, and we started seeing a pattern in things coming to us in just the right time.

Now we’re living in a luxury apartment in Chiang Mai which is almost like a zen-like garden with the biggest swimming pool here in town.

dCondo Ping lobby

Is this something you would like?

Not only are we living in a much more motivating and peaceful place for ⅓ of the cost in Norway.

But we’re connecting with and meeting so many more interesting people with a similar mindset, and with some actual goals in life. It’s just a very good place to be right now.

Trust that your fears are imaginary — and the Universe always supports you

If you’re in a tight spot with your progress, happiness, and lack of purpose in life or your entrepreneurial career right now, moving away from the old WILL set SOME things in motion.

You will most likely feel insecure about making changes. This is normal. But you simply have to decide by using your free will, and taking control of your life that this stuck-ness won’t do any longer.

To succumb to your fear is the mother of all fuck-ups when it comes to your own success, and you don’t want that.

You want to feel happy, yes? Do you want to have progress in life and feel uplifted, empowered, and see that success is coming your way?

Of course you do, and so it will be, as long as you don’t stop it by being dramatic.

I do coaching and one-on-one strategy, mindset, and productivity training with people. Sometimes we need a secondary input from a person who sees the path more clearly than we do ourselves.

If you want to accelerate your own progress through clarity and a ready-set roadmap, this is an option for you.

I will be guiding you through the new choices you face in life so you’re not alone in your journey. I will help you see things more clearly, feel confident, and more happy to take the next step.

Connect with me through this website and I will do a no-charge first time call with you. I offer this to make it easy and open for people to decide if they want to have me work with them.

Also, check out this previous post about my girl and I leaving Norway, and below you can watch my YouTube EP 2 from out condo hunting in Chiang Mai. You’ll see some really nice places.

Last tip:

Expect, and let changes happen in your life. The Life-Force is not static. It has to flow. If you try to contain it, nature will find its way and force a shift upon you, often in ways you cannot control, and you will feel “violated” and that life is out of control.

Stay well.

Originally published at on August 27, 2019.



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