How to stay more secure online with an anonymous VPN service

You, like most people I know who spend time online, probably don’t secure your internet connection, do you? Part of the process of becoming conscious, awake, and aware is about knowing how to operate various technology in a clever way. In this short article, I will tell you which VPN service you should use to stay private and protected while working online.

If you want a fast and slick VPN service for Mac and Windows with a ‘no logging’ policy, I recommend the anonymous VPN service from Surfshark. In this article, I’ll share what you need to know before you sign up.

If you’d like some quick advice on what a VPN service is and why you should choose Surfshark, read on.

What is a VPN service, and why do you need one?

If you don’t know what a VPN service is, here’s a short and simple definition.

A VPN service encrypts the data that’s streaming in and out of your computer while connected to the internet. If you knew how many connections your computer likely has open right now, you may feel like freaking out.

I’m currently running Google Chrome, and just for fun, let me check how many connections my browser has open this very moment . . .

Oh, only seventy-seven connections. Not so bad! Keep in mind, that’s ONLY Chrome. What other apps and programs are you using your internet connection for right now?

While you surf the web — especially when you keep a shitload of tabs open at once — you may have several hundred connections going. What kind of information are you sending out?

Choose this anonymous VPN service with no logging

I want to use VPN providers that clearly state that they have a no logging policy. And for this reason, I’m advising you to check out Surfshark, which covers all computer types.

Surfshark is a new service I discovered. I’ve read their privacy policy, where they clarify that they are a VPN service with a strict no logging policy and also what personal data they need from you so you can use their service.

I like that.

I remember a few years ago when I discovered a very slick and smooth VPN service from a company based in the US. I read parts of their privacy policy and other details and quickly decided to drop them.

I was asked if I could tell them why I decided to leave and clearly stated that I didn’t like their privacy policy. As a company from the US, I automatically didn’t trust them at all.

The insanity of surveillance, tracking, and monitoring that’s been done by various companies and government-affiliated businesses in the US is sickening. Whatever policies some companies have, as long they are in the US, privacy is often a joke since the government can claim the right to look into users data. And if they don’t get it, they make their way anyway.

With Surfshark it’s different. They are operating under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands, which makes them more flexible and allows them to keep user privacy a top priority.

A short Surfshark VPN review for recommendation

There are so many VPN services out there that you may simply feel like running screaming out into the forest at night.

To make things simpler for you, just know that I’m very picky about the services I use. This is why I recommend Surfshark:

  • They clearly state their no logging policy
  • I like how they limit their user data needed for the service to operate
  • They have some damn fast apps and connections
  • They have a good list of VPN servers to connect to worldwide

For privacy and no logging policy, this is what they state on their website:

Surfshark processes user data only to a very limited scop — only as much as it is absolutely required for the provision of the Surfshark Services, processing of payments for the Surfshark Services, as well as the functioning of the Surfshark website and mobile applications.

This is a service that will cover all your VPN needs. With extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux, you have no excuse to not secure your internet connection.

Especially with their friendly pricing. Yes, I believe you should pay for a VPN service! Don’t be cheap about your security and pick a free service that probably has shitty policies and is just a full logging and tracking business anyway.

Remember that a VPN service company has their own servers that all your data runs through. This is how a VPN service works, and that’s why we want to pick the best of them.

How much are you exposing yourself online?

You most likely don’t know unless you’re a geek with some level of computer knowledge and insights. They know better.

I want you to know that when you surf the web, do school work, attend to client business, or just want to exercise your damn right to keep your privacy, you should do yourself a favor and get a VPN service. It’s a small step toward improving your security online.

What happens when you are not using a VPN service?

Many years ago, when I went to a private school for multimedia design, I also played with some other computer programs. I used Linux and a cool program I won’t mention here.

One of the fun things I did with Kevin, one of my classmates, was scour for his passwords on the school network. It was easy because his line wasn’t encrypted. He freaked out.

You would too if I was sitting on the same network as you and messed with your life, your computer, and your privacy by snooping.

When I’m sitting at the cafés doing my daily work, as I often do, I always use VPN. Why?

Because there are other geeks sitting on the same network. What are they up to? I also don’t know which servers all my data is running through by using the free wifi in the café. And with all the client work I’m doing on a daily basis, it’s my responsibility to improve my computer security when working online.

Take care of yourself in a digital world

Wake up and be more clever with your use of technology! Don’t be a fart-face and stay blind, inviting the world to sift through your data.

VPN will never make you truly private online, but it will make it harder for most people to take advantage of you.

Do a quick signup of Surfshark VPN, the same as I’m using right now. Start limiting your exposure today. Install Surfshark on your computer and your mobile phone, and you will be able to secure your connection with a tap!

I’m pretty sure you can handle their pricing. If not, you’re simply just disrespectful of their offer and service. 🙂

Originally published at on August 29, 2018.



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