The Magical Yoga Retreat In Thailand That’s Worth Visiting

To find a yoga retreat in Thailand is not hard. But to find a local gem? That might take a bit of searching. I’m lucky because 45 minutes outside of our city we found a magical yoga retreat that is not overpriced, hyped up, or too crowded.

If you’re looking for a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, then you should continue going to this retreat. Plus, they have Hobbit-like houses!

When you’re searching for the best yoga retreats in Thailand, the place I’m about to suggest probably won’t come up in your results.

To find out more about this magical place, keep reading. I’m sharing more details and prices! Plus, here’s my YouTube video from that weekend.

If you want a local wellness retreat that offers yoga classes, organic food, steam baths, ice baths, and various events then this place is for you.

Peaceful Yoga Retreat in Thailand — The Mala Dahra

We came here by chance because a few friends suggested coming along to a peaceful event with them for the weekend. And? We don’t regret it.

The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm is only about a 45 minute drive outside of Chiang Mai in Thailand. We live here, so it was a speedy trip through booking a Grab Bike.

We only stayed for one long day during our visit.

But I’ll share some of the features here for you to skim through:

  • Lots of greens, trees, plants and overall peaceful gardening
  • Bungalow slash Hobbit apartments (with air conditioning) for rent
  • Salt-water swimming pool with a stream of running water into it
  • Traditional steam bath facility
  • Options to rivalitise by taking an ice-bath
  • Restaurant with a “local feel” and splendid food
  • A main hall for music and events
  • Outside yoga class area
  • Resides in an open field on the countryside

A Wellness Center in Chiang Mai to Visit and Relax

Months before we came to visit with our friends at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm, I had spent a little too much energy on client work and my business project. I was stressed, fatigued, and low on energy.

Coming to The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm in Chiang Mai was a blessing. Though my girlfriend was the only one attending the yoga classes and taking steam baths, I was able to relax with good food, some reading, and I was able to meet new amazing people that I will connect with later.

I believe more people should take time to honor their wellbeing and search for a relaxing wellness center in Thailand (or wherever you are in the world!).

During the last few months our minds have been tossed all over the place because of the madness from the pandemic and the various lockdowns around the planet.

Coming to a grounding and rejuvenating place like The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm truly slows down time, gradually recalibrates your energy and heightens your senses again.

We Joined a Sound Healing Event and Had a Magical Experience

I will never forget the sound healing event that took place at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm. I have never attended any gathering like this before. But my girl and I wanted to try it out and soak up as much of our time at the retreat center as possible.

It turned out to be powerful, uplifting, and balancing.

The individuals conducting this sound healing event at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm also gave us a training session on breathing techniques that have a huge impact on the body.

You may have heard about different yoga-based breathing techniques or maybe the Wim Hof method? What we learned is somewhat the same principle!

Coming to a place like The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm is like getting back into the “right place” if you’re a conscious, aware and spiritually connected person.

It’s needed from time to time, as you won’t find this type of energy signature in the typical everyday life.

A Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat Worth Visiting — (Video)

We visited The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm on a Saturday to partake in a special event they were offering that weekend.

We paid 200 Baht for the day, plus another 100 Baht to join the sound healing event.

That’s under 10 USD. Is your wellbeing worth that?

One of our friends traveling with us for the weekend did rent her own private bungalow apartment. We stopped by to leave our stuff there. She paid 500 Baht ($16 USD) for the night, which is a very low price to be part of an event like this.

Her apartment was a round-shaped building with a queen size bed. A couch with a small table, and a double swing door into a bathroom that was, in fact, partly outside. It was placed below the roof alongside the outer wall. And it had a nice sink and an open shower that was covered by yet another thick wall reaching up under the roof of the building.

I don’t know all of the prices for staying at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm.

You should get in touch with them and check for the time you want to stay.

Here are a few links to check out The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Follow them on Instagram @maladhara.

You can also check out their Facebook Page to stay up to date with their prices and events.

Originally published at on July 23, 2020.



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